ANAT 2003Cranial Nerves - A Case-Based Approach1
ANAT 2026Problem-Based Anatomy1
ANAT 2031Human Development2
ANAT 2052Forensic Osteology1
ANAT 2065Coronary Circulation1
ANAT 2071Community Health Immersion Project1
ANAT 2072Tools for Teaching1
BHVMD 2076Improv Skills in Health Care Setting0.5
BIOC 1122Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) Biochem1
CEE 2078APractical Foundations for Medical Educat1.5
CEE 2078BApplication of Practical Found for Med E1
CEE 2081Fundamentals of Learning0.5
CEE 2085Peer Tutoring0.5-2
DO 2021Dying in America: Palliative and End-Of-1
DO 2036ARural Medicine Educational Pathway1
DO 2036BRural Medicine Educational Pathway1
DO 2044The Healer's Art1
DO 2063AMilitary Elective I0.5
DO 2063BMilitary Elective II0.5
DO 2063CMilitary Elective III0.5
DO 2063DMilitary Elective IV0.5
DO 2082Sci Knowledge Integrated Into Pt Present1
DO 2083Ultrasound1
DO 2100Mentored Research Experience1
DPT 2038Research in Physical Therapy1-2
DPT 2042Book Club on Disability Awareness1
DPT 2058Stroke Camp2
DPT 2066Foundationl Manual Skill: Peer Teaching1
DPT 2079Yoga as Medicine1
DPT 3001Journal Club1
DPT 3002Hippotherapy & Therapeutic Riding1
ELECT 2080Special Topics Elective0.5-6
GLHLT 2020Beginning Medical Spanish1
GLHLT 2023Intermediate Medical Spanish1
GLHLT 2081Global Health Service Trip1
OMM 2027Forty-hour Cranial Course2
POD 2048Research in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery1
SPMED 2032Healthy Food Preparation0.5