CEE 2078A. Practical Foundations for Medical Educat. (1.5 Credit Hours)

This course will provide students with the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of education including learning theory, assessment, lesson design, and self-evaluation through group discussion and reflective writing. Students will practice developing and implementing engaging lessons utilizing active learning approaches. Students will be assessed on their understanding and ability to justify instructional choices. Experiences will include the exposure to the academic role of teaching via the delivery of lessons and the completion of self- and peer-assessment.

CEE 2078B. Application of Practical Found for Med E. (1 Credit Hour)

This course will provide students with the opportunity to apply the concepts they learned in the pre-requisite course, Practical Foundations for Medical Education (CTL 2078A). Students will complete lesson objective writing, design and implement educational experiences, and create student learning assessment tools. Students will develop and direct tutorial sessions for their peers in a manner congruent with their academic program's curriculum. Registration by instructor consent.

CEE 2081. Fundamentals of Learning. (0.5 Credit Hours)

This elective course is designed to prepare students to be academically successful in medical school. We will explore fundamentals of active learning, time management, test-taking strategies, how to study for different kinds of content, self-regulation and motivation. Ultimately, this will help students be more autonomous learners capable of designing their own study approaches and will enhance their ability to be successful from day one.

CEE 2085. Peer Tutoring. (0.5-2 Credit Hours)

The peer tutoring course is for medical students who desire to tutor students in their first-year basic science courses. As a peer tutor, students will work with first-year students individually or in a small group setting to improve their academic performance through development of effective study strategies and/or reinforcement of basic science course material.