GLHLT 2020. Beginning Medical Spanish. (1 Credit Hour)

This elective course refreshes basic Spanish vocabulary and introduces Spanish medical vocabulary, comprehension, and sentence structure. Although no prior knowledge of Spanish is required, we recommend that students who enroll have taken at least a beginning Spanish class and are somewhat familiar with the language.

GLHLT 2023. Intermediate Medical Spanish. (1 Credit Hour)

This elective course builds on the Beginning Medical Spanish course by continuing to strengthen students' Spanish medical vocabulary, comprehension and sentence structure. The course culminates with students conducting a patient interview in Spanish. Course discussion will focus on important differences found among Latinx patients in recognition of the fact that they come from a variety of countries, urban/rural communities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Successful completion of the Beginning Medical Spanish course or equivalent is recommended for enrollment in this course.

GLHLT 2081. Global Health Service Trip. (1 Credit Hour)

This course is the academic component for the Global Health service trips. The course is required for all students who have been selected to go on the service trips. Students will complete reflective work before and after the service trip to process and share the experiences they had on the trip along with what they learned from the experience. Global Health service trips expose students to the social determinants of health and how these determinants shape health equity globally. They provide an opportunity for students to learn about health care in another setting.  The goal of the service trips is to foster mutual understanding and to create globally-responsible students.