GLHLT 2020. Beginning Medical Spanish. (1 Credit Hour)

This elective course refreshes basic Spanish vocabulary and introduces Spanish medical vocabulary, comprehension, and sentence structure. Although no prior knowledge of Spanish is required, we recommend that students who enroll have taken at least a beginning Spanish class and are somewhat familiar with the language.

GLHLT 2023. Intermediate Medical Spanish. (1 Credit Hour)

This Intermediate Medical Spanish elective course contributes to development of positive clinician-patient rapport by introducing students to a standardized, universal Spanish vocabulary that includes many words and expressions that take on different meanings in different countries and regions. Discussion will focus on important differences found among Latinx patients in recognition of the fact that they come from a variety of countries, urban/rural communities, and socio-economic backgrounds.

GLHLT 2081. Global Health Service Trip. (1 Credit Hour)

This elective course is the academic component for the Global Health Service trips. Students will complete reflective work before and after the service trip to process and share the experience they had on the trip and what they learned. These service trips provide students with a cultural experience, as well as an introduction to the medical needs of a population that the student may not be familiar with and will perhaps open the student's thoughts regarding the needs and opportunities to reach out to other segments in our global society.